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Logo Irina PenkovaIrina PenkovaHi there. My name is Irina Kitanova and I am working in caricatures and cartoons, as well as graphic designs. I’ve specialised in “Poster and visual communication” at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and have been working in Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway and Finland for about twenty years now. Caricatures and Cartoons** What I offer is a unique and amusing way to cheer up one’s relatives, friends or colleagues through a jolly tease. I am basically using two ways of creating caricatures and cartoons – from a photo and a live drawing. Should you chose the Caricature from a photo, please provide me with some photos of the subject (or let me take these myself), we will then talk about the details and in a period of 5 to 10 days (according to the complexity of the commission) you will receive a personalised drawing.You can chose from a wide range of techniques: linear caricature, black- and- white expressive, shaded or tone (detailed) black and white, face only or face and body, comic or not, colour, group, etc. (you can check the different categories on my site). Various sizes and materials can be reviewed and applied according to the client’s wish. The prices will also vary starting from 40leva to 120leva. Frames are not included but you can be diligently and free of charge consulted about the type and color that will suit best, as well as, the place where to order. Live caricature is another extremely attractive method of depicting a number of (20, 50, 100 or even more) people in a short time. It is mainly preferred as a form of art entertainment, a program element for private, kids’ or company parties on different occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. The effect is really amazing as people actually observe the process, take part and have fun. That revives the atmosphere, charges it positively and draws the participants together. A cartoon takes about three minutes, so it doesn’t cause much trouble to the model and the result is almost immediately visible. You could avail of that effective form of amusement regardless of the location the party takes place (within Bulgaria). What you get is a time to remember and a memento that remains. The price is 20leva. In cases like these, discounts are made if big numbers of drawings are commissioned. Graphic design. I also make logos, labels, posters, graphic design, etc. A minimum of two options is usually offered to the client to choose from. In order to achieve the ultimate result the order is discussed in detail during the entire process. Due to the professional approach you will obtain an advertisement of high standards that identifies your product or activity in the best possible way. According to the nature of the commission prices can vary between 200 and 1000leva and it takes all from a week to a month’s time. I make the art project only and do not deal with the prepress layout or printing. However, you will be assisted and guided to a professional if requested. I work alone and you communicate your ideas directly to me which facilitates the process, makes it easier to control, saves time and money and, eventually, improves the quality. Payment. 50% are paid at taking the order, in advance, and the other 50% at receiving it. The ordering, receiving and paying of the works are set up in person for Sofia and via “Speedy” or “Ekont” for the rest of the country. The expenses are covered by the buyer. I am extremely delighted with that particular kind of activity, to make people smile and witness their positive transformation. ” The world lasts because it laughs” says the old folk wisdom.

Go on, dare to grab a smile!

*a cartoon – a funny portrait. Usually it only shows the face but body can also be depicted **a caricature – a comic drawing of a person/people and their surroundings, text is optional